Icon box.

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Tue Nov 14 20:42:37 CET 2006

Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> Hello, everyone. I don't know if this is already "fixed" (I don't even 
> know if it is a bug, or if my post is a "feature request" [and I know 
> feature requests are not ok at this time on the release plan]), but 
> there it goes:
> Is the IconBox supposed to flash on the Urgent Hint ? If so, it is not 
> flashing on my system (and I'll gladly give a more detailed 
> description if that is the case).
Hmm, it seems that indeed the iconbox does not support this. I'm quite 
sure I wanted to implement this, but apparently it slipped my mind.

> If it is not the case and it is just not implemented, can anyone point 
> me where you guys do that on taskbar so that I can try to replicate 
> the behavior in Iconbox ?

The implementation of the taskbar is in the libxfcegui4: 
libxfcegui4/netk-tasklist.[ch] . I must warn you that this particular 
part of the library code hurts the eyes and may cause permanent 
blindness ;-)
> It is the only thing preventing me to ditch my taskbar and using a 
> Iconbox for tasks altogether, and would be pretty nice to have once 
> the  MacMenubar patch for Gtk finds its way into mainstream (lets all 
> hope for it).

I agree about the iconbox feature, but I'm not sure about that Mac menu 
bar :-)


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