Problem with xfce_themed_icon_load()

David B. Cortarello nomius at
Mon Nov 13 03:32:50 CET 2006

I don't know if I should send this mail to this list, if not my apologise:

I'm writing a small plugin for network configuration based on Benny's
Generic MCS plugin.

I'm using Nuvola theme, I have
/usr/share/icons/Nuvola/scalable/apps/network.svg, I have the svg
loader and svg engine. But in the code I have:

GdkPixbuf *pixbuf = xfce_themed_icon_load("network", 48);

And for some unknown reason pixbuf get's NULL so It goes to fallback
icon. The icon is loaded if it is in /usr/share/icons/network.svg
which is very weird...

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