Feature I'd like to implement in Xfce panel

stdout stdout azi.stdout at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 20:13:20 CET 2006


I always missed a feature in window managers. It may not sound
revolutionary to you but it's pretty useful, at last for me. So,
what's it about?

I usually don't group tasks, so the respective tabs are located on the
tasbkar as :

APP1_1, APP1_2, APP2_1, etc..

As I like to use the keyword as much as possible, I'd like to
implement "fast" window switching mechanism like that :

- Each task icon has a transparent identifier
- Switching to the 4th window may be achieved by pressing TAB+4,etc..

I'm not really sure if you like this idea or not, but if you do, I'll
be very thankful for advices on where to place the described feature.
I've noticed that xfce pannel is in the middle of a rewrite/redesign,
that's why I want to be sure where's tbe best place for such
functionality, in case you like it of course :-)



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