Shortlog for RC2 this WE

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sat Nov 4 10:19:57 CET 2006

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Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Hi all,
> As planned, we should release RC2 this WE. So if every dev involved
> could prepare a short log of the changes since RC1...
> We can generate ChangeLogs automatically out of SVN commits, using
> svn2cl, so if needed and if that helps, just let me know and I'll do
> that for you.

For completeness, here is mine for xfwm4 :

- -----

 * Add new option to enable/disable border-less maximization
   (bug #2257).
 * Rework keyboard shortcuts grabs, saving a lot of grabs and fixing
   keyboard shortcuts not working on shaded windows (bug #2291).
 * Fix compiler warning when build w/out compositor support (bug #2335).
 * Fix restore of original size/position of maximized windows restored
   by session management, do not match windows that aren't placed by the
   WM, that avoids some misplacements.
 * Add cancel option when cycling (bug #2373).
 * Add new window operations menu shortcut (bug #2400).
 * Set focus on desktop with showing desktop (bug #2410).
 * Improve workspace switch, reduce expose events (bug #2409).
 * Improve focus transition (bug #2408).
 * Rework error handling in pixbuf loading, fixes a crash.
 * Do not raise on WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property change, required for
   Java 1.6 (bug #2483).
 * Add support for XSync protocol.
 * Add support to NET_WM_MOVERESIZE.
 * New SVG based default theme (using PNG for speend and compatibility
   although xfwm4 is able to use SVG theme), previous theme renamed as
 * Fix compositor unredirect with Xorg 7.1 (bug #64115 in Ubuntu
 * Fix compositor availability check (bug #2418, #2428).
 * Fix visual/depth/colormap with and without render (bug #1617).
 * Rework focus management to fix some issues.
 * Allow use of 'Alt+C' in shortcuts.
 * Lot of optimizations and code cleanup.
 * Updated Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Finnish,
   French, German,
   Greek, Polish, Russian translations.
 * New Dzongkha translation.
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