failing with po/ and needs libtoolize --force

Carol Spears carol at
Fri May 26 19:17:06 CEST 2006

On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 11:22:22AM -0300, Rodrigo Coacci wrote:
> That is something really weird...
> First of all, I recomend ALWAYS doing a autogen after an svn update, because
> I already had problems with that (and is something your script tries to
> decide to do or not).
> But since you tried an autogen by hand and it didn?t work, I can?t really
> understand what the problem might be... Are you sure your svn check outs are
> complete?
> >From the line:
> cp: cannot create regular file `po/': No such file or
> >directory
> I guess something is really wrong with you svn checkout, either it is not
> complete, or you are using (don?t know how) a wrong autogen|configure,
> because its  looking for a dir it can?t find.  It may also be something
> wrong with  how your system is handling paths.... Really don?t know....
yeah, it is interesting.  i am having no problem building glib, pango,
atk and gtk+ -- this is from a cvs checkout though.  once everything is
gotten from the versioning system, it is the same tools that are
successfully building the widgets that the desktop software uses.

it could be the way i checked out the sources.  is svn checkout that
unreliable?  perhaps it is the way that was written.  maybe i
just need to relax and spend some time reviewing the whole build
systems.  gimptoolkit (gtk) is easy to build and install, yet the same
tools fail with the desktop which is made of these things.

the differences would be svn vs. cvs and perhaps the way that the auto*
files were authored.

anyways, thanks for your time.  good luck finding a name for your
goodies, btw.  names are complicated to pick and you are stuck with them
for a long while after you make the decison.


> On 5/26/06, Carol Spears <carol at> wrote:
> >
> >hi, thanks for responding
> >
> >On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 12:44:22AM -0300, Rodrigo Coacci wrote:
> >> Well first of all, which script are you using? AFAIK there were two
> >versions
> >> of scripts, one from me (kinda older, bash+svn based) and one more
> >recently
> >> (from someone else).
> >> My script still works fine for me, basicly svn up && && make
> >&&
> >> make install
> >> Maybe the script you are using has some prefix or other things hardcoded
> >and
> >> the hardcoded stuff is not suitable to your system. For exemple, my
> >script
> >> has --prefix and --sysconfdir hardcoded for all packages.
> >>
> >i have never configured with --sysconfdir in my whole configuration
> >history.  right after sending this off, i should probably read what the
> >configure --help says about that.
> >
> >this script is somewhat more complicated than that.  it has been edited
> >since i downloaded it, so i uploaded the edited version to
> >
> >
> >my apologies to the invested person who shared a script on this list
> >many months ago.  at that time, i still thought that i could do all of
> >this building myself and stay interested....  it is possibly one of the
> >least of the things i have been wrong about.
> >
> >then i tried ./ --pre=/usr/local/myspecialplace and it failed
> >the same way:
> >
> >Running intltoolize --automake --copy --force
> >cp: cannot create regular file `po/': No such file or
> >directory
> >intltoolize: cannot copy '/usr/share/intltool/' to
> >'po/'
> >
> >i read this message and actually attempted to copy that file from
> >/usr/local/share/intltool myself and it did not work to make this build
> >attempt a success.
> >
> >btw, "myspecialplace" is equal to "edge" which bothers me today as i
> >read it is the name of the next debian version after etch.  i am sorry,
> >actually, for the choice of name because it involves an extra tab on the
> >commandline because of the similar naming of env.  so, live and
> >learn....
> >
> >thanks,
> >
> >carol
> >
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