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Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Thu May 25 00:29:08 CEST 2006

On Wed, 24 May 2006 22:19:13 +0000, Auke Kok wrote:

> a) above setup for basic project authorization
> b) Benny and Jannis as senior group devs approving new svn dev access
> (they already have full access to svn+webpage)
> c) approve ssh/webaccess for Nicholas Masse and grant him webpage
> maintainership

Sounds fine to me. Once we have decided on this topic we might want
to create a page summing up all these (mainly contact) information in
our new Wiki, so we can a) point at it whenever related questions are
raised and b) make sure it is as easy as possible for new developers to
find out what they need to do in order to start their projects.

So far (not read as "sofar" any more), thanks for your effort, Auke.

- Jannis
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