xfce4-panel, dev-tools and pkg-config

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Thu May 4 18:20:46 CEST 2006

James Westby wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Could someone please confirm for me that I have moved my xfce4-panel-1.0.pc
>>>to libxfce4panel-1.0.pc?
>>>Using the dev-tools scripts to update a plugin was causing configure to
>>>look for the former when I have the latter.
>>You need to replace the
>>in the configure.in.in/configure.ac with
>> XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([LIBXFCE4PANEL], [libxfce4panel-1.0], [<version>])
>>as XDT_XFCE_PANEL_PLUGIN() is used for the 4.2 panel API.
> Thankyou, I was going to suggest the README.Plugins was updated to the
> former, but I've got it the wrong way round obviously.
> How should I replicate label_PLUGINSDIR with this method?

You should turn the xfce4-wavelan-plugin into an external plugin (the
panel contains a file describing the difference between internal and
external plugins IIRC). Then in your Makefile.am:

plugindir = $(libexecdir)/xfce4/panel-plugins
plugin_PROGRAMS = xfce4-wavelan-plugin

xfce4_wavelan_plugin_CFLAGS = $(LIBXFCE4PANEL_CFLAGS)
xfce4_wavelan_plugin_LDFLAGS = $(LIBXFCE4PANEL_LIBS)

Check the xfce4-cpugraph-plugin as an example of how to setup the stuff
for an external plugin (it is a very simple plugin and was already
updated for 4.4).

> James


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