Cleaning up libxfcegui4...

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Wed May 3 22:47:54 CEST 2006

> I was thinking about that myself.  We have a bunch of customisations in
> netk, but netk and wnck have diverged quite a bit.  There'd probably be
> some fixup involved, but as long as wnck supports some of the stuff
> we've added (tasklist blinking on URGENT, etc.), it should be ok.

Yep it does, but the libwnck makes a screenshot of the blinking button
and starts to fade it. So probably a lot more cpu usage... and it's
ugly IMHO.

Personally I think netk is quite good, it could be improved here and
there (..tasklist..) but everything works and there are not a lot of
Another reason is the size of libwnck: this mail was started because
libxfcegui4 is too big and contains deprecated and/or unused
functions. Well the size of libwnck is 218kB (debug-striped) so
libnetk will probably be a lot smaller.

Anyway, i think libxfce4ui will be a big improvement and a much needed
cleanup for Xfce.


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