Cleaning up libxfcegui4...

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Wed May 3 22:25:02 CEST 2006

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> So the event filter is basicly used in xfwm4 and the shortcuts plugin,
> but could easily be changed to use GTK stuff directly?

Yes, it would be easy to copy the event filter stuff into xfwm4 and 
change the keyboard plugin to use gtk+ event filter directly.

>>> a) Put all netk stuff into libnetk, and
>> Better switch to GNOME
> Use libwnck? Do we have any custom changes in netk*?

Yes, libwnck (forgot to end my sentence, it seems ;)

We do have quite a few interesting customizations in netk I think. I'm 
not sure switching to libwnck before 4.4 is suitable anyway.

>>> c) let libxfcegui4 depend on libnetk and libxfce4ui.
>> Humm sounds good. The only drawback I may see is that we add more libs 
>> to load at startup and introduce more inter dependency between libs, 
>> which tend to lead to "dependency hell" for the users/maintainers.
> Well, if we use libwnck, we'd just replace libxfcegui4 with libxfce4ui
> (over time). With libxfce4ui being cleaned up, we should actually be
> able to reduce the startup time and overhead.

Yes but not for 4.4. There would be too much effects on the code and the 
users may feel disapointed with such a change before 4.4 (especially 
with customizations) - We would need to try first and see if there is 
anything blocking in libwnck.

> So, do we want to start with libxfce4ui for 4.4, or better delay that
> for 4.6?

I think it would be better to wait for 4.6 for such a switch, however, 
I'll probably do the change in xfwm4 and in the keyboard manager so the 
door stays open, depending on what other core devs think.


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