New to the list.

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Wed May 3 17:36:31 CEST 2006

Don't have much to say to that except welcome Martin.

Oh, and it's Xfce. We dropped all those extra caps a while back ;-)

On 5/3/06, Martin Krois <info at> wrote:
> Hello XFCE4 coders,
> I'm new to this list and to XFCE and just want to introduce myself.
> I'm a 33 year old guiness drinking humanoid from Denmark who has been
> working in the Internet Industry for the past 10 years as a front and
> backend programmer on various systems. My experience is mainly with PHP
> and MySQL, but also ShellScript, C++, Perl, Oracle, and a bit of this
> and that.
> I have also been working as a graphic artist in my younger days,
> raytracing and 2d drawings, but somehow got sucked into the world of coding.
> Half a year ago I finally made the full switch from windows 2k to
> running FreeBSD as my workstation. I used to run windowmanager. I tried
> gnome, but it seemed very slow from out of the box, and I've seen KDE on
> other machines which did not seem to be me... I like them fast and clean.
> I discovered XFCE4 by chance and it suits me perfectly. Pretty much the
> speed of windowmanager, and not too bloated and full of eyecandy which
> IMHO is useless and annoying. Simple, elegant, fast and effective - this
> is a desktop as I like it, and I sincerely hope you will continue in
> this spirit. :)
> I'm very interested in the usability aspect of GUI's, and I hope I can
> contribute with that, and in addition some coding or perhaps
> translations. I'm new to GTK, so right now I'm just checking out that
> SVN trunk.
> Martin.
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