Just reinstalled Xfce from trunk and here is my findings...

Aaron aaronf0 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 04:36:45 CET 2006

idk, is it not identifying your locale correctly, giving you the wrong
menu? it could be a bug, im not a dev, so i cant comment, but it looks
like xfdesktop and xfmenu-editor are each assuming two diffrent
default locales. maybe if you can figure out which files each is
looking at?

On 3/11/06, Joao Pedrosa <joaopedrosa.news at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2006/3/11, Aaron <aaronf0 at gmail.com>:
> > well, in the properties box, it has a toggle for using the default
> > menu file, and yours, and you have default clicked... maybe if you
> > toggle it to yours?
> >
>  Maybe it would work. But up till today I don't remember having to toggle it
>  before I could edit the menu. Anyways, if it's not a bug then I'm fine with
> it. :-)
>  Cheers,
>  Joao
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If it moves, COMPILE IT!!! Yay Gentoo!!!

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