Xarchiver: behaviour of switch -n for Thunar integration

Alexandre Moreira alexandream at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 19:11:33 CEST 2006

I really have a hard time saying which one I'd say would be better...
if you consider only the Thunar integration, asking for the file name
(with a graphical window) would be just as good. I don't know much
about what is the intended domain for this application but, if you
want it to integrate better with cmd line applications (IE, show no
gui at all when told to work a predefined set of options from cmd
line) the first approach would be more reasonable. As I said,
depending on the intentions of the developper for this software, one
is better than another.

And I have to agree with jp.guillemin in his second opinion: I don't
think you should change the behavior of switches for Thunar
integration. But some options (and I'm not talking any specific, since
I didn't take a closer look in the app) will always be better if
they're made to integrate easily with other applications...The good
old unix way of doing things...

These are just my opinions, though, and, as a not-very-vocal member of
the list, I don't think they should count much.

Overall, Good work. Xarchiver will be a great addition to this desktop
Alexandre Moreira

2006/6/26, jp.guillemin at free.fr <jp.guillemin at free.fr>:
> Selon Colossus <colossus73 at gmail.com>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I developed the switch -n this way:
> >
> > -n, --new=[archive name] [file1] [file2] ... [fileN]        Ask for
> > the archive to be created, add files to it and quits.
> >
> > Someone have asked me to change it to:
> > -n, --new [file1]  [file2] [fileN] ...
> > Prompt for the archive name to create, and add files given in cmd line
> > in this new archive.
> >
> >
> > In the first case the user must supplies the archive name on the
> > command line; the new dialog who will appear will have this name
> > automatically entered in the 'Name' field of the GtkFileChooser.
> >
> > In the second case the user must supplies only the files to add on the
> > command line; the archive name is entered in the New dialog who
> > appears.
> >
> > My question are:
> > 1) which behaviour is best for Thunar integration ?
> The second one , of course. if the user selects 3 files in Thunar and click "add
> to new archive" : Thunar can't guess what the name of new archive will be.
> > 2) shall I change the behaviour of other switches always for Thunar
> > integration ?
> IMHO : NO :))
> >
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