Future of various goodies

jp jp.guillemin at free.fr
Thu Jun 15 23:48:56 CEST 2006

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> With the new framework for the goodies in place, it is time to think
> about the future of various goodies that are somewhat unmaintained right
> now. For example, there's still a pending patch from William Bonnet for
> the sysload plugin. I'd apply the patch, but I somewhat feel that this
> is not going to work for a long time.
> IMHO, we either need a "goodies maintainer" that takes care of applying
> patches to "not so well maintained" packages and always tries to find
> new maintainers for these packages (or, if no explicit maintainer is
> available, do regular releases with new translations, updates to the new
> panel API, etc.), or we'd need to "force" people to maintain whatever
> they submitted until they find a new maintainer for their packages
> themselves.
> We could also try to reduce the maintaince overhead by putting several
> plugins into a single package (for example all system/network related
> plugins into a single package, all desktop related utilites in another,
> etc.).
Yes, XFCE already has too much packages

> Benedikt
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