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Pierce Ward pierceward at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 16:39:42 CEST 2006

Hi guys,

I made a post on the forums about this but was told to send it to a mailing
list instead as developers don't check the forums too often.

Basically I'm using the latest XFCE beta 1, and the XFCE Composite Manager.
I'm also using Xorg 7.1 and the latest Nvidia drivers. With the compositor
enabled I have very low performance from OpenGL applications. Initially my
first thought was that this was an issue with the nvidia drivers, and so I
contacted nvidia here:

AaronP, a Nvidia staff member informaed me that this was not the case, and
in fact was part of the Composite specification:

>Hi guys. If you're running a composite manager on X.org 6.9 or higher with
1.0-8756, your OpenGL applications will be >redirected to pixmaps even if
they're full-screen and opaque. This is a requirement of the Composite
extension. Deciding when >to redirect and when to unredirect windows is the
job of the composite manager. Some composite managers have an option, I
>think, to unredirect windows when compositing them isn't really necessary (
i.e., they're fullscreen, opaque, and not occluded >by other windows that
cast shadows or are themselves translucent).

I've decided to contact you about this in the hope that the developer who is
maintaining the XFCE Composite manager can make these adjustments and tweaks
so that Opaque/fullscreen etc windows, (in my case, games such as ut2004)
can be run at a similar performance level as before with the composite
manager running.

If there's anything else I can help supply you with, I'd be more than happy
to help out.

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