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Stefan Stuhr xfce4devlist at
Fri Jun 2 20:52:44 CEST 2006

fre, 02 06 2006 kl. 20:34 +0200, skrev Jasper Huijsmans:
> Hey all,
> I thought it might be good to get an idea about the status of the 
> release, so I'll try and list the things that still need to be done for 
> the panel.
> * Fix major bugs
> First of all, since other people are posting bug lists as well, the list 
> of all the bugs assigned to me is here:

Bug 838 in that list is fixed by bug 1735. There is some issues however,
as I have described in my comment in bug 1735.

Bug 838:
Bug 1735:

> * Default configuration
> Almost ready, but it needs a final list of launchers on the bottom panel 
> and, it needs to be made translatable.
> Everyone has their own opinion about the default launchers, so I don't 
> think it will work to ask for input. We, the core devs, need to pick a 
> few and stick with that. So if any of you feel you belong to that group 
> ;-) and have (strong) opinions about this, please go ahead and make the 
> changes you prefer. I would like to use exo-open for this, to have most 
> flexibility, but this would mean that effectively the panel depends on 
> libexo. I personally don't think that is a problem, since IMO libexo 
> should be considered part of the Xfce platform.

I will suggest that the xfterm4 (for terminal) and xfbrowser4 (for web
browser) scripts from xfce-utils should be used - they both use exo-open
if available, and have fallback mechanisms if not.

> 	Jasper


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