Panel release status

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Jun 2 20:34:15 CEST 2006

Hey all,

I thought it might be good to get an idea about the status of the 
release, so I'll try and list the things that still need to be done for 
the panel.

* Fix major bugs

First of all, since other people are posting bug lists as well, the list 
of all the bugs assigned to me is here:

There are a couple of crashes there that need to be fixed, but many 
reports are enhancement requests or only apply to 4.2.x.

For anyone who is looking for a way to help, looking at these reports, 
trying to reproduce the problem or asking for more information from the 
reporter if necessary can make it much easier to resolve the issues.

* Default configuration

Almost ready, but it needs a final list of launchers on the bottom panel 
and, it needs to be made translatable.

Everyone has their own opinion about the default launchers, so I don't 
think it will work to ask for input. We, the core devs, need to pick a 
few and stick with that. So if any of you feel you belong to that group 
;-) and have (strong) opinions about this, please go ahead and make the 
changes you prefer. I would like to use exo-open for this, to have most 
flexibility, but this would mean that effectively the panel depends on 
libexo. I personally don't think that is a problem, since IMO libexo 
should be considered part of the Xfce platform.

This should be decided soon, to give the translators enough time.

* Documentation

I think the installation of the docs has already been temporarily 
disabled, because they are for 4.2 and are no longer valid for 4.4. This 
is a fairly large task and if anyone would like to give it a try that 
would be awesome.

Again, people may want to translate them, so the sooner we have updated 
docs the better.

Of course, I will work on all of these issues, but I can certainly use a 
little help.


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