Missing icons in menu on 4.4 beta2

Robby Workman xfce at rlworkman.net
Thu Jul 20 05:41:00 CEST 2006

First, thanks to everyone who responded to my question last week 
- I appreciate it.

I've applied Olivier's patch for the keyboard/mouse grab problem, 
and I've installed the hicolor icon theme from freedesktop.org. 
Those two things (seem to have) corrected two of the three issues 
I had.  The only thing left is this:
The icons for KDE applications still don't show up in the xfce 
menu.  Per the recommendation of someone on here, I've installed 
libsvg and libsvg-cairo (and rebuilt xfce with them installed), 
thinking that it might be a problem with librsvg (which is on 
Slackware by default) not playing well with xfce 4.4; however, 
that doesn't seem to have made a difference.

Any other suggestions?  Other (possibly) relevant software 
versions are as follows:
   cairo: 1.0.4
   gtk+2: 2.8.19
   libpng: 1.2.10  (this seems more relevant anyway, since the 
kde icons all seem to be png's)

Thanks in advance,



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