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Tue Jul 18 11:22:46 CEST 2006

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Andre Puschmann wrote:
> hi folks,
> although we already have a thread arguing this topic, i decided to start
>  a new one, since this one should be about the following patch, if this
> is o.k. to you?
> i wrote a simple patch (still testing!!) which implements the discussed
> features. there are still some bugs+workarounds in there and i would
> very much appreciate if you guys can drop some hints, since this i my
> first xfce patch :-)
> - no dynamic hal+dbus recognition in

You need to edit is regenerated whenver is run.  You should use the XDT_CHECK_OPTIONAL_PACKAGE()
macro in to detect hal and dbus properly.  I believe
thunar uses both of these, so look there for examples of both and

> - the session settings dialog crashes until dbus+hal-stuff is loaded
> (even if i did the error handling, but it seems that there is still
> something missing)

I didn't look too closely to this, but to debug, kill xfce-mcs-manager,
and then run 'gdb xfce-mcs-manager' from a terminal.  Inside gdb, type
'run --no-daemon-debug' at the prompt, and you can get a backtrace when
it crashes and hopefully figure out what's wrong.

> - if i call suspend, after resuming my xsession is stopped (like on
> normal logout). should i handle this with the "accessibility" boolean
> and do something like "if ((strcmp(shutdownType,

Not sure what you mean... though that's probably because I'm not too
familiar with xfce4-session's codebase.

> - hibernate+suspend command in xfsm-shutdown-helper are very static, so
> they have to be in PATH

This is definitely a bad idea security-wise; they should be absolute
paths.  What you should do is make it configurable at compile-time via
./configure.  Grep around in one of our files for
AC_ARG_WITH and AC_DEFINE - that's how you'd make it configurable.
You'd want a hardcoded default in; use whatever appears
to be the "normal" location for those commands.  That way, distribution
packagers can easily set the location for their packages (since they
know where their HAL installs its binaries), by doing something like:

./configure --prefix=/whatever --with-hibernate-command=/sbin/foo

One further comment: I (personally) would prefer the usage of the terms
"Suspend" for "suspend to RAM" and "Hibernate" for "suspend to disk".
These seem to be the accepted user-friendly terms for these functions,
and are consistent across both Windows and MacOS X.  (Well, OS X doesn't
have suspend-to-disk functionality without some nasty software hacks,
but otherwise...)

Oh, and just an English-language comment: for the checkbox text, it's
just "Show XYZ", not "Show up XYZ".


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