suspend/hibernation in xfce4-session

Andre Puschmann andre.puschmann at
Tue Jul 18 10:53:33 CEST 2006

hi folks,
although we already have a thread arguing this topic, i decided to start
 a new one, since this one should be about the following patch, if this
is o.k. to you?

i wrote a simple patch (still testing!!) which implements the discussed
features. there are still some bugs+workarounds in there and i would
very much appreciate if you guys can drop some hints, since this i my
first xfce patch :-)

- no dynamic hal+dbus recognition in
- the session settings dialog crashes until dbus+hal-stuff is loaded
(even if i did the error handling, but it seems that there is still
something missing)
- if i call suspend, after resuming my xsession is stopped (like on
normal logout). should i handle this with the "accessibility" boolean
and do something like "if ((strcmp(shutdownType,
- hibernate+suspend command in xfsm-shutdown-helper are very static, so
they have to be in PATH

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