mcs file manager plugin

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at
Fri Jul 14 13:38:57 CEST 2006

>> Try to remove the --daemon cmdline parameter, maybe your D-BUS version
>> is too old to handle autoactivation properly.
> Yes, that was it. I just realized that the dbus version I'm running 
> (0.34) is newer than the last "official" package available for FC4, 
> which is 0.33. Just to make sure there was nothing wrong with the 
> package I had installed, I downgraded to the latest FC4 version. But the 
> problem remains.
> That means that others working on this not-too-exotic distribution will 
> probably run into the same problem. Could there be a work-around? I 
> tried quoting the Exec command in the .service file, but to no avail.
> What version of dbus is known to work?
> Thanks again,   Nick.
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Ah, well... Now with the FC4 dbus package version 0.33 installed, I get 
the following after removing the "--daemon" parameter.

"Error: Process /usr/bin/Thunar exited with status 127"

With 0.34 the preferences dialog pops up, but also a Thunar window 
(which is why I guess the daemon parameter is passed).
So, if people on FC4 stick with the officially provided packages, the 
fm_plugin will most likely not work. Maybe it would be good to have a 
solution for this, although I can understand that you're not keen on 
creating work-arounds for specific distributions.

Best,   Nick.

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