adding support for hibernation to xfce4-sessions's exit dialog

Rodrigo Coacci rcoacci at
Wed Jul 12 19:00:35 CEST 2006

I guess it should also check for system capability for doing those things. I
read somewhere else that a simple "cat /proc/something" or  /sys/something
should do the trick. I'm telling this because if hibernate is called in a
system no "ready" for it, it may cause real data loss.... I don't know how
xubuntu ppl work around this, maybe they already have some better HAL-based

2006/7/12, Andre Puschmann <andre.puschmann at>:
> hi,
> i added support for xfsm-shutdown-helper in order to understand commands
> call of "hibernate" and "hibernate-ram" which are quite common scripts
> to invoke hibernation.
> further i integrated those buttons in the "End Session" dialog.
> i'd like to check whether "hibernate"-command is available or not in
> order to display the button or not, but g_find_program_in_path
> ("hibernate") for instance only looks up in users-path. can anybody
> suggest an other solution?
> the appended patch shows how this can look like, can you please have a
> look over it?
> regards
> andre
> Jani Monoses wrote:
> >> Yes, with the previously spawned shutdown helper (required to test
> >> whether sudo needs a password).
> >>
> >> BTW: IIRC, there's already such a patch available in Xubuntu.
> >
> > Indeed there is, but not using the sudo helper. It talks directly to HAL
> > and could be used on any other modern linux distro (and FreeBSD once HAL
> > is fully ported). As xfce is in feature freeze I got the impression that
> > such a patch is not approproate at this point. It is nonintrusive
> > however and I can make an uptodate patch if people thinks that it'd be
> > good to have in 4.4.
> >
> > Jani
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