4.4 default look

Carl Bolduc drcurl at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 22:25:43 CET 2006

> 2) I think light blue (in the buttons and menus) gives some positive
> impressions. Not dark, sad, but light and sunny.
> 3) The backdrop is usually blue. Well even most of the time blue. I
> think we could explore some change here. We got blue everywhere, all the
> time. So what are the other options? Brown, humm, too clearlooks,
> yellow, red? Inappropriate I think.... So, we're left with green. The
> green could be lighter. Depends on the image. xfce-smoke looks better
> with dark colors, thus the dark green. xfce-stripes fit better with
> lighter colors IMO.
> Hmm, how about light orange or green? Would look very happy (I'll try to
make a gtkrc...). And I've heard that Ubuntu will use green instead of brown
after the next release... so orange would still be very original. Lila may
be great also.

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