no more desktop menu pop-up?

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at
Sat Jan 21 01:16:30 CET 2006

On Sat, 21 Jan 2006, Mr Machine wrote:

> sofar wrote:
>> I'm adding this FAQ to the FAQ - if the right-click menu is missing or suddenly the desktop wallpaper disappears - chances are that your xfdesktop program died. Here's the (updated) FAQ entry for this:
>> + My desktop or desktop menu has disappeared!?
>> It appears that xfdesktop is no longer in control of the desktop. Often
>> xfdesktop has died, or some other program took over the desktop. Make
>> sure that xfdesktop is still running first. Nautilus takes over the
>> desktop by default too. Please start nautilus with the --no-desktop
>> flag, or use gconfig-editor and unset the flag that tells nautilus to
>> handle the desktop. Start xfdesktop again and you should be OK again.
> very strange. xfdesktop *wasn't* running - and i couldn't get it to run
> unless xffm-deskview was killed :(
> something must have changed recently, because as far as i know they
> could co-exist before, but now seem to be mutually exclusive? problem is
> that xfdesktop doesn't give icons on the desktop, but xffm-deskview
> (which does put icons on desktop) no longer shows the menu pop-up on
> right-click - even though i've set it to do so in the file manager
> settings.
> i think it's starting to get confusing the "differences" between
> xffm-deskview and xfdesktop.

Xffm-deskview does not need to have xfdesktop running to display, it only 
needs to have xfdesktop *installed*. It loads the menu plugin in the same 
way (well, almost) as does xfdesktop.

I just checked and you are right, the menu plugin does not load. I must 
have broken something with all the activity going on. This will be 
the first bug I fix tonite.


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