Possible Bug - A bit more info: .xsession-errors contents

David A. Gershman gershman at dagertech.net
Wed Jan 11 22:41:39 CET 2006

> David A. Gershman wrote:
> > (*sigh*) I probably should have seen this coming.  My Linux config is
> > highly customized.  I'm still running GlibC 2.2.4.  I tried changing
> > LC_ALL to UTF-8 and I'm getting:
> > 
> >   Warning: locale not supported by C library, locale unchanged
> > 
> > whenever I launch things from xterm to Mozilla.  I have a feeling my C
> > Library is once again too old for current apps.  Sorry to bother you all
> > on this.
> Not necessarily too old, but maybe something in your config doesn't fit. 
> It could be libxml2 or libiconv, dunno. can you check your config file 
> to see if you have any non ascci character maybe?
> Olivier.

The config file is the default that comes bundled with XFce (if that's
the one you're thinking about.  


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