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Sun Jan 8 01:42:40 CET 2006

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On 1/7/2006 10:57 AM, SZERVÁC Attila wrote:
>  Hi Dear Devs !


>  This is a beautiful day & Happy New Year 4 You !
>  Reason:
>  This is my NameDay (like Attila the Powerful Hun King) & today Pekka
> Hartikka submitted a lot of long-awaited real `Nature' backgrounds 2
> including the beautiful `Paltanen' lake image:
>  and others under GNU GPL license :-))
>  I think, among of standard Xfce backgrounds must be a few `Nature'
> backrounds (like Flower.jpg) and not just Xfce-Mouse backgrounds, 'cause
> `Nature' backgrounds are extremely popular.
>  I know, this is the early consolidation stage of 4.4 alpha1, but I'd like
> strongly suggest this
>  beautiful image -> standard Xfce backgrounds. Brian ??
>  THX, Devs 4 Your audience & beautiful coding !
>  sas aka satie, Hungarian Xfce translator :-)

Sounds like a cool idea to me.  It would be nice if they could somehow
be made Xfce-ish, maybe by integrating the mouse somewhere.  Or maybe
not: I know when I find random backdrops, it kinda annoys me if there's
some branded portion to it that I don't care about.

So... which ones go in, and which don't?  I'd rather not put too many of
them in since that'll increase the tarball size by quite a bit.  Or
maybe just include a single default backdrop with xfdesktop, and create
an xfce4-desktop-backgrounds package?  Though I know we've been trying
to decrease the number of packages, not increase...


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