resizing in new panel

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Feb 26 22:40:07 CET 2006

Jani Monoses schreef:
> Hello Jasper
> I encounter the following issues with the new panel (r20099)
> 1) a launcher with an icon of 64x64 does not scale up as much as one 
> with 48x48, for a while they grow together but after that only the 48 
> one  stretches

Strange. I just call xfce_themed_icon_load(). This might be gtk icon 
theme behavior.

> 2) the icon in the systray remain small

Yeah, well. The available space is increasd, I have no idea how XEMBED 
is notifying the client of changes. The systray is probably supposed to 
have small icons. Multiple rows could be interesting.

> 3) on changing orientation the position of the customize dialog 
> sometimes changes, it jumps to the other part of the screen

This is probably caused by xfwm4 as a consequence of changing partial 

> 4) the icon of the showdestop plugin is chopped at small sizes not 
> scaled down as the launchers.

Hmm, I might have fixed that in on of the latest commits. It should work 
the same.

> these might depend on the icon theme too, I am not sure.
> Also xpm icons (unlike png) do not stretch but maybe that's how it is 
> supposed to be.

No idea. Could be.

> there were more but you just fixed those in the past hour ;)

Hehe. I did break them in the last hour too, I think ;-)


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