Schedule for 4.4

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Fri Feb 17 09:28:01 CET 2006


Nick Schermer wrote:
> Maybe a bit OT, but I might be an idea to manage the schedule of 4.6
> (and in the future) on the website. Some kind of road map or something.
> I know all of you work for Xfce because it's fun...but it could be a bit 
> more organized (??).

Of course, it would be good to have the plan on the web site, ideally in 
a wiki so everyone can update the plan.

However, the shift in schedule is really not a matter of xfce being fun 
or not. As I already said, like most others core devs, I work on xfce as 
time permits, I have a regular job for which I get paid and also a 
family, wife and kids, which means that I can "work" on xfce only when 
everything else leaves me some free time during the evening and nights. 
xfce is not part of my job.

Given this, it's really hard to commit to a date months in advance. 
Unless we could work full time on xfce we just cannot plan anything too 
far in advance.

This being said, we all agree that things could be better, and I'm all 
in favor of planning things in advance.


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