xfwm4 feature request / patch

Damon Harper dl+xfce4-dev at usrbin.ca
Wed Feb 15 22:53:46 CET 2006

On 15 Feb, Olivier Fourdan wrote:

> Your patch has now been merged, slightly modified. The option has been 
> moved to the WM tweaks plug-in. Note that resistance is now the default 
> (that's for Erik ;) but I might change my mind and set snapping by 
> default if too many users complain (ie I don't have any strong opinion 
> on what should be the default)

nice - i'm glad it was useful!  i've no strong opinion either, as long
as the option is available, though obviously i do find the resistance
version much more useful.

on the subject of windowmaker features i miss, one important one is
the ability to assign different WM features to different programs with
the wmaker `attributes' dialogue.  it allows you to specify a window
by its WM_CLASS property (the dialogue offers several options
depending on the window you're operating on) and assign various
properties to all windows with that WM_CLASS, like disabling the
titlebar, buttons or resizing, making the window sticky, keep-on-top,
miniaturised or maximised by default, unable to take focus, etc.

more importantly to me, it allows you to disable window manager key
and/or mouse bindings while the window has focus.  this is important
for a handful of apps that actually use the those same bindings; for
example inkscape which uses the alt button in combination with mouse
clicks and drags.  i love that xfwm4 already has the alt-drag-to-move
feature, but being unable to turn it off for inkscape is a drawback.

has there been any discussion in the past of a feature like this?  i'm
not sure i have either the knowledge or the time to implement it
myself.  but i thought, before i hit an opportunity to procrastinate
from my real work that i might devote to giving it a try, i should
check and see if there are already hidden options to do this that i've
overlooked, or a plan to put it in place.



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