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daniele favara danjele at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 19:16:02 CET 2006

On 2/9/06, Benedikt Meurer <benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de> wrote:
> daniele favara wrote:
> > Benedikt i suppose you're talking about perm dialog of thunar (owner
> > and group), but those icons are not present on any xfce apps .. from
> > what i see.
> >
> > i think that those icons should be fixed in the Rodent theme, and this
> > will be my last step.
> >
> > 1) make xfce "themeable" [we are here]
> > 2) patch the xml file of icon-naming-utils
> > 3) post a message on tango mail list
> > 4) fix the xfce icon theme
> >
> > i coded a gtk frontend to browse the icon theme in use and check what
> > are the icons that need to be fixed. During step 4 i'll improve it in
> > a way it will be possible to edit the icon names.
> >
> > umm ... you meant owner and group icons true ?
> The user/group icons are used by various applications in various
> desktops, and there should be one common icon name for them. Same for
> the default applications icon. It doesn't matter how often an icon is
> used throughout Xfce, the important question is: How many applications
> use such an icon in general (i.e. not as application specific icon).


	<icon name="system-users">

i can understand what you're saying, but i see most of the people that
are working on tango and icon-naming-utils are @novell .... i feel we
should wait for that, anyway i'm monitoring the cvs logs and i have
notes ... where i added
"FIXME: system-users -->system-group"
"TODO: system-user, system-reboot, mount-volume, umount-volume, eject-cdrom"

and so on ....

> IMHO, the first step would be figure out what icon names should be
> standardized, that are not already standardized

i'm sorry but i don't agree with you here, as those specs are not
ready yet and they are still working on and fixing them.

I think first step should be to figure out the icon names that already
exist and can be used | linked to xfce icon names an ex:

Icon=xfce4-settings ---> preferences-desktop

(when i say "xfce icons" i mean xfce as DM not xfce apps)

when this is done ... when we will figure out what are all the xfce4
icons that can be linked to existing ones (maybe before Sunday), i
hope i'll have on my notes something more, but for this i need
developers suggest what icons they need, as you've just done.

So obviously in the mean time i'll add to my notes whatever you suggest ...

>(i.e. the iconbox icon isn't interesting here, since it's very, very
Xfce-specific, same for  the Terminal icons, etc.).

yes iconbox isn't interesting ... but terminal for ex is already present:


>The next step would then include to propose
> the addition of these icons to the icon naming spec, and once approved
> the Xfce applications and the Rodent icon theme can be changed to use
> the new standard icon names. And afterwards, we could ask on the tango
> list for artists to draw Tango icons for the new icon names.

yes .. i'm with you here.

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