xfrun4 + dbus

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 14:27:28 CET 2006


Benedikt suggested this on the thunar list

 > Interface: org.xfce.RunDialog
 > =============================
 > This would be implemented by the file managers (or whatever other
 > application) and xfrun4 would just invoke OpenDialog(), falling back to
 > a simple(!) run dialog if no service is registered. This way the "Run
 > Application" dialog will appear instantly in the future (I doubt that
 > time permits us to implement this properly in Thunar/Xffm, but
 > nevertheless we can change xfrun4, so all we need to do afterwards is to
 > change Thunar/Xffm, and people won't have to wait for Xfce 4.6).
 >   /* Requests to display the run dialog using the specified
 >    * working_directory as base directory for applications run
 >    * from the dialog.
 >    */
 >   VOID OpenDialog (STRING working_directory)
 >   VOID OpenDialogOnDisplay (STRING working_directory, STRING display)

Attached is a patch to xfrun4 which first checks if this service is 
provided on the session D-BUS and if so calls OpenDialog("") on it.
Otherwise it falls back to current behavior.

The attached python script when launched provides this interface, to 
test the latency of such a remote launch would be. The dialog is just 
two ugly buttons but that's not important.


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