Idea: Merging Task List + System Tray + Program Launcher applets(demo included)

Alexandre Moreira alexandream at
Mon Dec 25 02:58:58 CET 2006

2006/12/24, Mike Massonnet <mike.massonnet at>:
> On Mon, Dec 25, 2006 at 12:26:37AM +0800, robin wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> > The way you use your systray as a taskbar, is one of the prime reasons
> > I've brought up the idea of merging the systray and taskbar.
> > But the word 'merge' may not be an appropriate word to use though. I want
> > both the systray and taskbar to each do what they've always been good at
> > doing, but work with each other, since both share the same icon and
> > sometimes the same function.
> >
> Maybe I should just remember some uses of the systray: take in example
> Sonata, it is a music client to MPD, and if you close it you have the
> option to let it remain in the systray.  This say, you can have apps
> daemonized in the systray and call them back from there out.  In your
> design this doesn't left such a possibility, so, IMHO, you _can't_ mix
> the systray and the taskbar.  And I don't think the systray is designed
> to be splitted in separate boxes.

Going further, I think that mixing Systray with Tasklist would create
even *more* confusion than having two icons for the same apps that
does almost the same stuff. I can't imagine my not-so-computer-savvy
friends using such a system, because you'd have mixed icons with
completely different behaviour (launchers + systrays) sharing the same
logic space.

Anyways, the flash demo is GREAT, and there are many things in this
idea that could (dare I say, should? it would be a great "unique" stat
for Xfce) be implemented to make the interface more well organized.
I'll share what I thought of being the nicest features there:

The "launchers become tasklist buttons" behavior;
The "tasklist buttons' icons behave like launchers";
The way it auto groups the windows under the same icon, without having
asub menu for them.

Well, I loved pretty much except the system tray.

But somethings must be said, though.

While I like the idea of mixing the launchers with the tasklist, I
understand that it would be hard to "blend" in the Xfce's default
launcher Idea (the ones with the submenu, which I also love... it
reminds me of  good old CDE). And also, it would be hard to come up
with a policy with the default positioning of launchers versus
tasklists, windows that skip tasklist and then are back on it... many
things can become messy with such a system.

To sum up this (terribly written -- sorry, I'm in a hurry) post: The
idea is great. But much thought have to be put on it because a lot of
possible usability problems arise from such ideas, just because it is
rather innovative.

Alexandre Moreira.

PS: If such a system actually comes to existance and we (as in you,
lol) can come up with a good set of policies to make it's usability
appealing, then I think it would be a great addition to the Xfce
desktop. Great Idea.

> My 2 cents,
> Mike
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