Idea: Merging Task List + System Tray + Program Launcher applets (demo included)

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sat Dec 23 12:17:30 CET 2006

robin wrote:
> Greetings,
Hey Robin,

It is usually better to post to a mailing list than to individual 
developers, there's much more chance of getting a reply and/or starting 
a discussion that way.

> I've always seen XFCE as having the cleanest-looking and fastest 
> Desktop Environment. The panel comes with unique xfce-exclusive 
> applets like 'Icon Box' which further cleans up the environment and 
> saves space.
> Distros seem to encourage the use of 2 panels but I prefer to use 1 
> panel to save space for the more important things, applications.
> I like new, unique/different, clean and pretty things. I do not like 
> redundancy, when it comes to something 'visual'.
> What I find is that icons of the same application appears too many 
> times in a panel.
> I propose this idea mentioned in the subject, and here is the demo of 
> how it might turn out.
> (Flash 7+ 
> required)
> For more details you can read my thread at 
> Do you think such an idea is worth adopting?
> I would like to think so.

That is very creative thinking, at least ;-) Nice mockup demo as well. 
However, I'm afraid it will be very hard, if not impossible, to create 
something like this.

I'll throw it on the xfce4-dev list, so if someone is looking for a nice 
Christmas project, they might try and build a plugin using some of your 
ideas. It has some elements of OS X / WindowMaker launchers with one 
icon for the launcher and the running application, which is something 
people have been interested in in the past.

> Thank you for your time,
> Robin

Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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