xfce4-menueditor exo crash

Bruno Jesus XFCE myxfce at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 23:17:55 CET 2006

> 0xb7f83722 in exo_cell_renderer_icon_render (renderer=0x808c130,
>     window=0x839b628, widget=0x83b1060, background_area=0xbfb04500,
>     cell_area=0xbfb04500, expose_area=0xbfb04b3c, flags=0)
>     at exo-cell-renderer-icon.c:405
> 405     exo-cell-renderer-icon.c: File not found.
>         in exo-cell-renderer-icon.c
> Looks like a bug within libexo. Benny any idea ?

This error happens when you don't have the hicolor icons from
freedesktop. That's why there's a file not found error.

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