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Sun, 3 Dec 2006 13:42:52 +0100 - "Nick Schermer"
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> If some developers have problems with removing the docbooks, I'm not
> going to put time in this. Three (website/wiki/local) (slightly)
> different docs for each project, create by the same group of
> developers is just ridiculous. To sync those 3 medium will take too
> much time and only makes it harder for users.

  How about maintaining the docbooks on the wiki?  With this plugin
there is the possibility:

  And all what will be needed for the export is to copy the text file
from the dokuwiki data/pages directory.  Of course only developers with
an account on the server will be able to copy these files, to link them
or whatsoever.

  Now how cool is this?  I think dokuwiki has good potential ^_^  You
could edit your crontable to export the docbook to html for the website
and all three locations will be up to date at some time.

My 2milli bucks,
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