Documentation on wiki?

Carles Muñoz Gorriz carlesmu at
Sun Dec 3 21:28:14 CET 2006

En/na samuel verstraete ha escrit:
> Then why not create an extra tarball with the documentation? 

I don't think that you would get the wiki documentations updated before
or at the same time that the package is released.

>From a translator point of view (that hasn't translated the xfce
documentation) I prefer the docs in the svn repository and released with
the package.

> i'm sure there are tons of others, never check documentation
> installed on the computer.

I disagree, I usually check manpages and I expect them to be updated, if
they are not I consider it a serious bug and I think that most of users
agree with this.

> I prefer a decent online documentation project and I'm willing to
> assist Nick where I can.

I prefer a good local documentation and a good online documentation. I
only expect local and online documentation with final releases, for
betas, previews or testing releases I don't expect it.

But the only reason, at my understanding, which I've read to get rid of
the packages documentation is:
- I/We don't have time/resources to maintain it.

Then, I suggest to get it minimal and with a link to the wiki to expand it.


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