Problem with custom hotkeys schema

Andrey Fedoseev andrey.fedoseev at
Sun Aug 13 12:18:02 CEST 2006


I posted about that issue in xfce at mailing list and get no
answers so I post here.

Some time ago I noticed that when I use hotkeys my desktop gets stuck.
E.g. I hit Ctrl+Alt+D, windows become minimized but after that my
keyboard hangs, even NumLock doesn't respond. Mouse keeps working except
of popup menus, they don't work. I noticed that if I move a window (any
window) with my mouse the system returns to normal state. Also I noticed
that it happens only when I use custom hotkeys schema (even if it is an
exact copy of default one), the default schema works without problems.

PS. I use SVN version of all xfce packages.
PPS. If I have to provide some debug info please tell how can I get it

Regards! Andrey Fedoseev
<andrey.fedoseev at>

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