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Thu Sep 29 14:50:17 CEST 2005

Yuval indeed has commiter permisions for the He
transaltions but I'm fully coordinated with him. We
usualy readproof and revise each the work of the other
(and I believe you can see in the po's that we're both
However the docs are a lot of text (and some formating
issues are also involved) and as with the rest of us
Yuval's time is limited.
To make it easier on all sides (myself not included ;)
I'll make sure to have the docs online both in the
Dokuwiki format and in the Xfce format.
Concerning the makefiles I can send the updated ones
later today if it's not automaticaly done.

BTW - there were once talks of having the docs in a
wiki format for easier contribution, any news in this
I can point at the docbook format as one of the
limiting factors when it comes to RTL languages (He,
Ar and maybe more).



--- Jean-Fran�ois Wauthy <pollux at xfce.org> wrote:

> the problem is that we already have an HE translator
> and we decided we
> only grant svn access to one person per language; i
> asked (briefly) to
> Auke about documentation translator account but
> didn't get an answer (i
> didn't insist too). If such type of account can be
> created then you'll
> get an account, otherwise see with Yuval Tanny, the
> HE translator.
> cheers
> -- 
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