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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Sep 29 11:51:25 CEST 2005

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Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have just switched SVN trunk to the new panel framework. This is a big 
> change, so expect some b0rkage. You have been warned.
> The update will probably fail with a message about plugins and panel 
> directories. 'rm -rf panel plugins ; svn up' should do the trick.
> Note that most of the panel plugins have not been ported yet, so they 
> will not work. Also, unfortunately, the panel settings will not be 
> converted to the new panel.
> This is still very much development code, so there will probably be 
> problems. Please let me know about them, here or on bugzilla.

Cool stuff.  I finally got around to installing the new panel (hehe,
last time I checked it, it didn't actually do anything yet).  Seriously
Jasper, you rock.  This is amazing, and you put it together in such a
short time.

Anyway, no complaints so far, except for the lack of systemload,
netload, and weather plugins, and a clock with more options ^_~.

A couple suggestions, though.  Feel free to ignore if you think I'm lame

1.  With the 'Manage Panel Items' dialog open, I can drag items to the
panel, and drag stuff around on the panels.  It would be cool to be able
to drag stuff from the panel back to the dialog to destroy them.

2.  Dragging from the 'Manage Panel Items' dialog to the panel should
show the icon for the plugin as the drag icon (it uses gtk's generic
icon now).

3.  If I remove all the items from the panel, it shrinks to a couple
pixels tall.  I feel like it should always be the height specified in
the panel prefs dialog.  Same deal if I remove all but the clock:
regardless of the panel size I set, it's as small as the clock.

4.  While I personally can't see a need for it, is there a reason why
you can only have one pager per screen?

That's it.  I'm not seeing the disappearing panel problem others have
seen, but maybe I just haven't b0rked it yet ^_^.


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