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Kamber Dotan wrote:
> I would realy like to get the Hebrew docs in to this
> realese.
> It is all ready and I asked for svn access but didn't
> get it yet and didn't have the time to bug about it.
> I'll make an effort to get it done during this
> weekend.

It might be faster for the time being to just post to the xfce-i18n list
and ask someone to add it for you.


> Regards
> Dotan
> --- Erik Harrison <erikharrison at xfce.org> wrote:
>>I think there was a little attempt to get 4.2.3 off
>>the ground some time ago.
>>A quick gmail search through the commits list
>>archives shows me that
>>we have a major smbmount fix for Xffm, several CUPS
>>fixes for Xfprint,
>>a MCS crash fix, several theme rendering fixes for
>>Xfwm, a pile of
>>Gtk+ 2.8 compatibility fixes, and some more
>>indecipherable commits as
>>I'll do it myself, if the time comes up and someone
>>can give me the
>>list of things to do
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>>the age of 22, it
>>would have changed the history of music... and of
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