Default handlers for protocols (http, mailto etc.)

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sun Sep 11 12:42:23 CEST 2005

Jonas Geiregat wrote:
>>For now, this is only possible in Terminal (limited to web and mail).
>>The idea is to move the helper framework to one of the Xfce core
>>libraries at some time, so other applications (e.g. the xfce-utils and
>>Thunar) can make use of this as well.
> Currently most of the configuration settings are kept in ~/.config/xfce4 
> except for xfce4-session. Most of these config files are using xml. What 
> if we designed a helper framework (by that I read framework where you 
> can save settings) using xml. Here we can have a daemon running in the 
> back (like gconf) or just make a library that writes/reads those xml 
> files, problem would be file locks.

I don't see why we need a daemon for such a simple thing as helper
applications. And storing the stuff in one or several XML files doesn't
provide any advantage. That's why I used desktop files: Its easy to
extend and easy to implement. You can check the current implementation at:


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