mcs replaced in 4.6?

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Tue Nov 22 18:46:48 CET 2005

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On 11/22/2005 9:08 AM, Jani Monoses wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>>>Jani Monoses wrote:
>>>>>>Quoting Brian's blog
>>>>>>'MCS should not be used for "normal" applications, and is expected to be
>>>>>>replaced in Xfce 4.6 anyway'
>>>>>>what is it expected to be replaced with?
>>>>Something else.  Seriously, who knows?  If Uniconf works out and makes
>>>>sense, maybe that.  Or that other one that that annoying guy on xdg at fd.o
>>>>keeps posting about.  Or maybe we'll write our own if those aren't suitable.
>>Just a further note: if no other configuration system seems suitable,
>>and no one has the time or inclination to write a new system, then we'll
>>continue to use MCS.  Really, it's all kinda up in the air.
> Ok I thought there was something already in sight not just fdo proposals
> which neither kde nor gnome seem too interested in (yet). And what do
> you mean if one is suitable? Accepted by fdo/gnome/kde or is it enought
> if it suits xfce's needs?

The latter.  We're not going to implement and/or use an fd.o spec unless
it makes sense for Xfce.  What that actually means is always up for
discussion, though ^_~.


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