xfce-mcs-manager error

Øyvind Albrigtsen e-ddie at e-ddie.com
Mon Nov 21 22:36:34 CET 2005


I've compiled XFCE from SVN (revision 18917).

When I run it, I get the following error message:
(xfce-mcs-manager:7951): libxfce4mcs-CRITICAL **: mcs_manager_add_channel_from_file: assertion `filename != NULL && strlen (filename) > 0' failed

Is this a known problem, and what does it do? When I start XFCE the
first time, my panel is set up with only a "New launcher", an Iconbox
and the Logout button. Might this be due to that error?

Øyvind Albrigtsen

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