New panel in trunk

Antonio SJ Musumeci bile at
Thu Nov 10 00:20:44 CET 2005

>>andd then the plugins can have their opitions in a tabbed notebook
>> or the like?
> Yuck.
> 	-b

If there were a plugin which was difficult to locate on the panel or the 
code was bad and didnt display right I'm not seeing how you would alter 
it's settings or remove it. The status area plugin without its bounding 
box requires random clicks on the panel to find. I find even trying to 
grab a separator between say a launcher and pager a little frustrating 
with a touch pad. The cursor is much larger than the separator and you 
can't easily tell where to click. Maybe some sort of visual signal to 
know which plugin your over. Or like the panel settings tab... give a 
drop box for all loaded plugins and display its settings else where in 
the tab.

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