New panel in trunk

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Nov 9 12:28:18 CET 2005

>>4 extra steps which imply a lot of (relative to 4.2) mouse movement
> It's true. It's a longer pipeline for what (should) be the almost
> least common action in the panel (I think last place is reserved for
> deleting a panel).

I actually forgot that there is the confirmation of delete which adds 
two more steps - move over ok button, click.

I thought a bit more about this and I think that customizing the panel 
itself is even less frequent then the various plugins in it.
So having customize panel on every right-click menu seems a bit too much 
to me (Especially since it does not appear on systray and the tasklist, 
so it is not even consistent across the whole area of the panel).

One of the reasons I see for this is that if the whole panel is filled 
with plugins it is hard to find an area to click on to get at the 
panel's own config menu. I think of having some area reserved on the 
panel or a special fake plugin which would act as the panel itself.

>>I would call the old way much cleaner and simpler. Nicer I don't know,
>>DnD has it's charm, but I prefer clean and simple vs nice then.
>>Also I have not seen yet other GUIs which handle removal like this
> The Firefox toolbar?

Indeed. But I have never customized that :)

BTW: do I do anythoing wrong with the moving of panel plugins? I cannot 
click and drag them as I said yesterday.


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