Xffm and Samba 3.014a and Japanese

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at xfce.org
Thu May 26 20:06:00 CEST 2005

El vie, 27-05-2005 a las 00:44 +0900, Daichi Kawahata escribió:

> Ah, it also fixes start-up errors on xfmime-edit, which claims there're
> missing icons in icon set. So according to xfmime-edit, there're still
> skull icons (pirate.png) at
>     Rodent
>       48x48
>       scalable
>         apps
>         [...]
>         stock
>           m-font.svg  <- this one
>           m-lock.svg  <- this one
>           [...]
>           stock_dnd_multiple.svg <- this one
>           [....]

I cannot find anything wrong with these icons. Are they installed where
they are supposed to? If you view the directory where they live with
xffm are they previewed properly?

> > > do you think there's an another factor other than xffm ?
> > 
> > The problem could still be a plugin. Possibly the new "slocate" plugin.
> > Please update to current svn (so that compilation will not fail) and run
> > configure with "--enable-debug=full" and rebuild to get full output to
> > crash point. The output will be almost as usefull as a traceback.
> What the above icon related modifying makes segfault fixed, I think.

My guess is that you did not have the icon the slocate plugin was
requesting. It still should not crash in this case, but rather give the

> I see, also have a question that is that monitoring concerned with response
> rate ? it sounds odd but I've noticed when I clicked directory icon, there
> costs measurable time in between next displaying (my machine isn't enough
> fast, because of).

If the reload of a directory takes more than 2 seconds, then will not be
reloaded automatically whenever it changes. Instead you have to reload
it manually. Probably should write to status line that the directory has
changed so user will know it is not up to date.

> Then, on topic, what I've noticed in xfsamba4 is that it displays anything
> in the viewing home directory as plain files, so I couldn't change current
> directory anymore, I know it might be default behaviour on my settings (and
> IRIX doesn't support smbfs, as a result, I was claimed when I had tried to
> mount my home directory via this plugin) in Samba, but is there any advice
> about that ?

Seems like a bug. Use treeview gui and turn verbose options on. Then
when you open your home directory, look at the output in the diagnostics
window and cut+paste so I can see what is not interpreted right.

> Regards,
Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at xfce.org>

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