Xffm and Samba 3.014a and Japanese

Daichi Kawahata daichi.k at aioros.ocn.ne.jp
Thu May 26 17:44:42 CEST 2005

On Wed, 25 May 2005 09:48:53 -0500
Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:

> > and I've noticed some icons turn the skull & crossbones as attached
> > images, trace log is still useless as well,
> Those icons were apparently were not being installed by the
> xfce4-icon-theme package. I've fixed that now, so you have to update
> xfce4-icon-theme and reinstall. If you notice any other skull &
> crossbones instead of icons, let me know to make sure the icons are
> present.

Ah, it also fixes start-up errors on xfmime-edit, which claims there're
missing icons in icon set. So according to xfmime-edit, there're still
skull icons (pirate.png) at

          m-font.svg  <- this one
          m-lock.svg  <- this one
          stock_dnd_multiple.svg <- this one

> > do you think there's an another factor other than xffm ?
> The problem could still be a plugin. Possibly the new "slocate" plugin.
> Please update to current svn (so that compilation will not fail) and run
> configure with "--enable-debug=full" and rebuild to get full output to
> crash point. The output will be almost as usefull as a traceback.

What the above icon related modifying makes segfault fixed, I think.

> > Now it appears ordinary, thanks. One thing I've noticed is that
> > following messages continue to be emitted,


> > on my home (or some) directory displaying.
> Yes. That debug message should probably only be emitted once each time
> the directory is reloaded. But since the load time may change if user
> presses "refresh", the check must be done at each pass of the monitor.
> No message will appear in non-debug version of xffm.

I see, also have a question that is that monitoring concerned with response
rate ? it sounds odd but I've noticed when I clicked directory icon, there
costs measurable time in between next displaying (my machine isn't enough
fast, because of).

Then, on topic, what I've noticed in xfsamba4 is that it displays anything
in the viewing home directory as plain files, so I couldn't change current
directory anymore, I know it might be default behaviour on my settings (and
IRIX doesn't support smbfs, as a result, I was claimed when I had tried to
mount my home directory via this plugin) in Samba, but is there any advice
about that ?


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