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Sami Samhuri sami at
Fri May 13 05:57:31 CEST 2005

* On Thu May-12-2005 at 03:17:31 AM -0400, Erik Harrison said:
> On 5/12/05, Sami Samhuri <sami at> wrote:
> > I believe using a keyboard shortcut that runs amixer should be do this
> > quite well. For non-alsa systems it seems there would be an equivalent
> > command, although I could be 100% wrong about that one.
> Xfce runs in environments other than one's with sound, for example.
> Putting volume control code into Xfwm4 pushes bloat into those
> environments.

I think you misunderstood me. I am saying why can't one (ie. the user)
just assign a shortcut to run an external program (fex. /usr/bin/amixer)
to change the volume? No changes necessary if X already recognizes the
multimedia keys. Maybe I am confused, if someone could post a link to
the forum topic I could read more on this issue.

Believe me I am not advocating putting volume control code into xfwm4.
Likewise I am trying to get rid of this idea that maybe the mixer should
handle this key shortcut. I am saying that we really don't need this by
default in Xfce. The means to set this up are in place and it should be
up to the user (or as you stated the vendor) to do just that.

>  We have to find a portable way to determine commands to volume
> control across build targets. This complicates the build process,
> introduces bugs, and violates the relative modularity in the
> environment.

Exactly, so let the user worry about binding to the right command using
xfwm4, the new 4.4 keyboard shortcut manager, xbindkeys or whatever else
they might wish to use. I don't understand why any Xfce app should need
to figure this out at all.

> Frankly, xfwm doesn't need to be doing the job of managing application
> hotkeys in the first place, as I've said a couple of times. It just
> does so in order that the traditional Xfce shortcuts work. As a matter
> of fact, Xfwm cripples the shortcut editor for that reason, IIRC (it
> limits the number of bindings).

Which is why one uses xbindkeys or another app specifically designed for
this if they want more flexibility.

> If someone wants to write a scipt that populates it with all sorts of
> neat shortcuts, have a blast.

Amen. I don't know where I misunderstood what was being discussed but I
am glad to know that we're both in agreement here. :)

Sami Samhuri
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