Run Dialog Enhancements

Shuveb Hussain shuveb at
Thu May 12 21:11:38 CEST 2005


I was playing around with the xfrun.c code. I have added 2 things and
almost done:

1. Close dialog on pressing the Esc key.
2. Get a list of executables from the PATH environment variable and
complete on user hitting the TAB key.

For point no.2 I have borrowed some code from GNOME run dialog and
simplified it. Does anyone care about these features? Should I post a

I heard that in gtk+ > 2.0, the "press esc to dismiss dialog"
functionality has been removed due to request from the usability team.
Is that the reason why the current run dialog in xfce does not dismiss
itself on Esc key-press event? Is is ok to add that bit?


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