Global Key Press Events Capture

Shuveb Hussain shuveb at
Thu May 12 06:13:56 CEST 2005

Hi and thanks for the pointer,

> > Can someone tell me which part of XFCE is responsible for capturing
> > global key-press events and taking the appropriate action like
> > bringing up help for Alt+F1 and the run dialog for Alt+F2, etc.
> it's the window manager : xfwm4

The reason I asked for this is that, there was a new feature request
in the xfce bugzilla for including keybindings for volume control. In
bugzilla, further comments suggested that it be added in the volume
control plugin.

I understand that this feature can't be added to the window manager,
since there is only a correspondence between a keybinding and a
command to be executed. I think, the right thing would be to add it to
the volume contol plugin.

There arises one more problem this way. If the user wanted to change
the default keybindings, then an interfece for that needs to be
provided. If, tomorrow, another applet in xfce needs to add
keybindings for some reason, it has to duplicate the interface for
customizing keybindings.

At some point of time, IMHO, we need to develop a central keybindings
database with a single system wide interface. XFCE applets that work
with key bindings can get their keybindings from that database.

Please comment.


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