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Nicolas Masse masse_nicolas at
Wed May 11 21:03:17 CEST 2005

On Wed, 11 May 2005 18:43:30 +0200
Jannis Pohlmann <info at> wrote:

 Jasper Huijsmans schrieb:
>People seem to be rather busy with other stuff at the moment -- except
>Mickaël and Juha; keep up the good work, guys! Anyway, I finally added 
>something to the panel again, so here's an update.
>First of all, drawing of the new panel widget should now be flawless, no more
>strange edges or missing borders. Please let me know if you still see
>something wrong with the latests svn code.
>Secondly, I decided to make a bit better use of the new panel widget and added
>an option to make the panel full width. At the same time I added two plugins
>that can make use of this feature: a tasklist plugin and a flexible space
>plugin; both will expand with the panel.
>I also have been experimenting a little with creating out-of-process plugins
>using GtkPlug/GtkSocket. It seems to work nicely. I also tested a customize
>mode; this makes it easy to drag items around, even when they are external
>plugins. No code to show you yet though.
>Progress on the design for the 4.4 panel has been a bit slow, because I don't
>have much time. Apart from the plugin design I need to think hard about the
>user interfaces that are needed to properly use and configure the new
>features, especially access to configuration for multiple panels (possibly on
>multiple monitors), customizating panel contents and the interaction with MCS 
>settings. Ideas and suggestions are welcome, send them to me or, even better, 
>add them to the wiki.
>That's all for now ;-)
> Jasper


just a little remark:
when I expand my panel, the handles at both side disapear, even if the panel is configured to show them. Is this normal? 
Also I would say the tasklist plugin is very cool, but for the variable space one, I don't really see the utility. (not a prob since I just don't use it).
Finally, I think something I would like to have would be a lock panel option, so it became impossible to edit the panel configuration by error.

Thx for all :-)

Masse Nicolas. 

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